Premier I

© 2009 emilygrimes

For years, I have heard of the Bishop Ford Freeway from radio traffic updates, but had not known its location until now. To find it, take the Dan Ryan (I-94) south until it splits. On your right you will see signs to Memphis and I-57, and on your left you might notice that the continuation of I-94 is no longer called the Dan Ryan. It has become the Bishop Ford Freeway. I know this, because The Premier, in Dolton, Illinois, is located not far from the Bishop Ford Freeway.

Skoochy, a hip hop promoter I met when photographing Hustle Hard II, organized this event, billed as “KING OF CHICAGO –THE MOST ULTIMATE FREESTYLE BATTLE EVER!!!” I was particularly impressed with ATM, (Addicted Ta Money), his “grillz” and his custom painted van!

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